Tree Trimming

Sprawling trees look beautiful when in full bloom. They add charm and quality of life to our community. But something could be hiding between those green branches.

If those tree branches touch an electric line, bad things could happen. Children climbing those trees could be shocked or killed. A branch might break and cause a power outage. The wind can whip a limb into the line and break or a branch can merely brush the line and catch on fire.

Kaukauna Utilities employs workers who are specially trained to trim trees so their limbs are a safe distance from overhead lines. We follow techniques that are approved by the National Arbor Day Foundation and all trimming functions are directed by a certified Arborist.

Kaukauna Utilities urges homeowners to leave the trimming to us. Never attempt to trim any trees or vegetation growing near power lines. Leave the trimming to professionals. If you have concerns about trees near power lines, contact Neil Jack at 920-462-0217. For emergencies during non-business hours call 766-5988. Being cautious could save your life.