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Electric Meters (bill insert)

The electric meter on your building and the transformers that bring you power belong to Kaukauna Utilities. Occasionally, it is necessary for employees of Kaukauna Utilities to work on that equipment for routine maintenance and testing. These activities are needed to accurately measure consumption and assure a reliable source of electrical energy. Access to that […]

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Tree Trimming (bill insert)

Sprawling trees look beautiful when in full bloom. They add charm and quality of life to our community. But something could be hiding between those green branches. If those tree branches touch an electric line bad things could happen. Children climbing those trees could be shocked or killed. A branch might break and cause a […]

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Kaukauna Utilities is looking for an individual interested in filling the position of ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN.

Kaukauna Utilities is looking for an individual interested in filling the position of ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN. Click Here for the Engineering Technician Job Packet To aid you in filling out the application materials, we would offer these suggestions: Carefully read the position description and position qualifications included in the application packet. Please be sure the Application for Employment form […]

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Scam Alert! KU Customers receiving calls by imposter

We have been notified by several customers stating that they have received a phone call from an individual claiming to be a Kaukauna Utilities employee.  This imposter states that their account is delinquent and they will be disconnected if payment is not received within 30 minutes.  This is NOT a legitimate phone call from Kaukauna […]

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KU Rate Update

The Public Service Commission (PSC) approved an interim rate order on April 12, authorizing KU to increase electric rates approximately 8.1% across all rate classes. As the interim rate order has not been formally issued by the PSC, it is premature for Kaukauna Utilities to comment further as the formal order will contain numerous order […]

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