Energy Education

At Kaukauna Utilities, we believe that nothing is as important to the future of the community as our young citizens. We pride ourselves on our commitment to energy and safety education in Kaukauna. Whether it’s through the classroom or the community, we strive to provide a strong network of information to further educate community members about electric and water subjects and how it relates to customers both young and old. As part of our ongoing educational efforts, Kaukauna Utilities provides educational materials and presentations to schools, service groups, and seniors. We also provide teaching units, videos, publications, and workshops to interested groups all year long. Be sure to also check out our Energy Tips for Kids!

National Theatre for Children

Each year, Kaukauna Utilities sponsors live theatre shows, presented by the Minneapolis-based National Theatre for Children (NTC), for schools within the Kaukauna Utilities territory.  NTC tours the United States presenting lively, interactive energy efficiency educational shows.

NTC dedicates itself to educating young people on important and timely energy-related topics. Armed with printed curriculum materials and teacher guides, their imaginative and customized presentations effectively reach the students, teachers, and parents.

Pedal Power

Pedal Power is a bicycle-powered generator that teaches basic scientific concepts related to the conversion of energy from one form to another and its efficient use for lighting, heating, and transportation. These concepts become tangible as the cyclist literally feels the effort required to light a bulb, heat water or spin a motor.


The 8-foot PowerTOWN educational model makes a lasting impression at safety presentations. The crackle of a high voltage electrical arc reinforces electrical safety messages that school-age audiences will not soon forget. This realistic tool demonstrates the effects of:

  • Contacting overhead lines by an antenna
  • Contacting overhead lines by a kite
  • Contacting overhead lines by a metal pipe
  • Contacting overhead lines by a tree
  • Contacting a pad mount transformer
  • Energizing a vehicle by a downed overhead line
  • Energizing a metal fence by a downed overhead line
  • Exploding a pole mount transformer
  • Contacting substation transformers
  • Contacting overhead line with a sailboat mast
  • Contacting underground power cable with a backhoe
  • “Call Before You Dig”

Facility Tours

If your school group or youth organization in the Kaukauna Utilities territory would like to learn more about our daily operations, we offer tours of our office, building, and facilities for our customers.

For more information about our facility tours, contact:

Steve Engebos
Energy Service Manager
(920) 462-0251