Understanding Your Bill

See the information below to better understand the charges on your monthly utility bill. As always, please call us with any questions or concerns – 920-462-0234.

What is a kWh?  You’ll see kWh across your electric bill – a kilowatt (kW) amounts to 1,000 watts of power. A kWh is used to describe energy usage: it defines the amount of work performed (or energy used) in one hour of time. Using a one kW microwave for one hour would use one kWh of energy.

1. Customer Account Information

This section shows your account number, service address, statement date, and bill type. This information is helpful if you plan on logging into MyAccount or setting up online payments.

2. Statement Activity

Included on All Customer Bills

Customer Charge (electric, water, sewer) – A fixed monthly charge for service. It provides funds to keep utility systems running reliably for items such as power lines and substations, meter reading, transformers, water mains, and more. All electric and water charges are set by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW).

Energy kWh Charge – This is the charge for how much electricity you used during the billing cycle (rate x kWh used). The rate (per kWh) is set by the PSCW. Any adjustments to rates must be reviewed and approved by the PSCW as part of the regulated rate application process.

Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) – While per-kWh energy charges are the biggest component of most residential and small business customers’ electric bills, the bottom line is also affected by factors including seasonal wholesale power costs, fuel costs, fluctuations in customer demand, our hydroelectric production, and more. Our not-for-profit utility passes along these costs, or savings, to you via the PCA on your electric bill. Some months, the PCA rate will be positive (a charge), and other months it will be negative (credit). PCA rates typically average close to zero over a 12-month period. The PCA does not result in a profit or loss for KU, it is a direct pass through of the cost to purchase wholesale power.

W BLK 1 – This is the charge for the first 1,400 cubic feet of water used during the billing cycle (rate x cubic feet of water used/100). The rate is set by the PSCW. Further rate details are available here.

Public Fire Protection – This is a fixed fee for Kaukauna water customers. It’s used to fund hydrants for fire protection services. This includes water used for the purpose of extinguishing fires within the service area, testing equipment and training personnel.

Sewer Consumption – This charge is for Kaukauna sewer customers and is based on water consumption (water consumption x sewer rate/100). Residential customers receive an automatic summer sewer adjustment and will not pay more than 120% of their prior winter’s consumption. Winter months are defined as October through April. If not enough history is on the account, the Kaukauna City-Wide Average will be used, which is updated annually.

Storm Water  – City of Kaukauna residents are charged one (1) equivalent runoff unit (ERU) on impervious surfaces or .6 ERU per each side of a duplex. Funds collected are used to cover the City of Kaukauna’s budgeted expenditures of the stormwater utility.

Refuse/Recycle Fee – This monthly fee is billed to City of Kaukauna residents only and is for their refuse cart (s). It is based on how many refuse carts are at the property. It is also used to cover maintenance and repair expenses on garbage collection trucks, tipping fees (costs to dispose of garbage at landfill), and anything else refuse/recycling related. More information on this fee is available here.

Commitment to Community – All utilities in Wisconsin, by law, must collect this fixed monthly fee from their customers. The State uses it, in equal portions, to provide funding for energy conservation measures and the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP). The energy conservation portion goes towards efficiency programs designed to reduce the demand for electricity or improving the efficiency of its use during any period (for example, Focus on Energy, the statewide energy efficiency program which started in 2007). WHEAP provides assistance to low­ income households for weatherization and other energy conservation services, payment of energy bills, or early identification or prevention of energy crises.

Potential Other Charges

Renewable Energy – You will see a charge for renewable energy on your bill if you have enrolled in the ChooseRenewable program. With ChooseRenewable, it costs just $2 to power up a portion of your home with a block of renewable energy—clean, affordable, “never running out” power from natural resources like wind, solar and biogas. This program is optional. For more information, click here.

W BLK 2 – Same as W BLK 1, but for the next 12,000 cubic feet of water use

W BLK 3 – Same as W BLK 1, but for water use over 13,400 cubic feet

3. Electric and Water Usage Comparison

Track your current electric and/or water consumption with convenient graphs. Compare your current usage to your usage last year and set conservation goals.

4. 24/7 Automated Payments

Call this number (1-877-360-3485) to make a payment anytime with your credit or debit card. It’s convenient and free!