Doing business with Kaukauna Utilities is now easy to do at home with the click of a mouse. If you’d like learn more about our customer services, click on the sublinks of this section.

Through these links, you will learn how you can reach the utility, arrange for billing options and pay your bill at convenient locations. You’ll also find the latest information from our electric and water departments as well as a quarterly customer newsletter to keep you abreast of utility and community news.

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(for new customers and for current customers moving to another address serviced by Kaukauna Utilities)

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Through this web site, we hope to provide yet another easy way for you – our valued customer – to do business with us.

In a busy world, we hope this outlet will simplify your life and free you (just a bit) to do more important things – like spending quality time with your family and friends or simply enjoying a warm summer evening.

Conservation / Incentive Programs

There are a number of incentive programs available for homeowners when you upgrade your appliances, faucets, air conditioning, lighting, toilets, and more. Building a new home? There’s a number of incentives for you, too.

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