Technical Training

Kaukauna Utilities offers training to utility customers, business owners, facility managers, contractors and other trade allies to help manage energy costs and improve efficiencies.  Through these educational opportunities, participants will learn to identify and implement energy efficiency projects, explore energy related system applications, and expand knowledge of emerging technologies and best practices. The training opportunities strive to help business customers and their partners make informed decisions and provide practical guidance for investing in energy-related projects

Other Training Resources


Slipstream is an independent non-profit organization out of Madison, WI that delivers live training, online courses, and conferences each year for a variety of energy efficient partners, clients, and audiences. They also maintain an online catalog of publications, webinars and videos.

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Focus on Energy

Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable resource program, Focus on Energy, offers a variety of courses on topics including efficiency technologies, strategic energy management, building operator certification, as well as technical training to further subject matter knowledge.

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For more information on technical training, contact our Energy Services Manager at (920) 462-0251.

RFP for Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency program is designed to encourage investment by large commercial and industrial utility customers in energy efficient improvements. Up to $250,000 of incentive funding is available for each bid cycle!

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Additional Resources

New Construction Design Assistance

We provide design assistance to improve the energy efficiency of non-residential new construction projects.

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Shared Savings Program for Businesses

We’re giving businesses the upfront capital needed to make qualifying energy-efficiency improvements – up to $50,000.

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Efficiency Improvement Incentive

Helping business customers enhance the energy efficiency of their facilities and improve their bottom line!

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