Kaukauna Utilities

is a community owned and operated electric and water utility, serving more than 13,500 customers in the Kaukauna area.

The utility provides electric service to the City of Kaukauna, the Village of Little Chute and parts of the Village of Combined Locks. Water service is provided for the City of Kaukauna only.

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Kaukauna Utilities is proud to offer a variety of resources for our members, including information about electric and water rates, incentive programs, community contributions, scholarships, educational articles, and more.

“Local people working together to meet local needs”

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40 Feet

Electric Meters (bill insert)

The electric meter on your building and the transformers that bring you power belong to Kaukauna Utilities. Occasionally, it is necessary for employees of Kaukauna Utilities to work on that equipment for routine maintenance and testing. These activities are needed to accurately measure consumption and assure a reliable source of electrical energy. Access to that […]

Tree Trimming (bill insert)

Sprawling trees look beautiful when in full bloom. They add charm and quality of life to our community. But something could be hiding between those green branches. If those tree branches touch an electric line bad things could happen. Children climbing those trees could be shocked or killed. A branch might break and cause a […]
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