May 23, 2024

Lead Service Line Removals

At Kaukauna Utilities (KU), we ensure that our drinking water meets or exceeds all federal and state standards when it leaves our filtration plants. However, lead can still enter the water through corrosion of lead service lines, pipes, and plumbing fixtures.

Our Lead Testing and Corrosion Control

Since 1992, we have been testing water for lead at various locations in our distribution system. These tests consistently show lead levels below regulatory limits. To further protect our customers, we introduced a new corrosion control method in 2022, reducing the corrosion of lead and copper pipes throughout our water system.

Lead Service Line Replacement Program

Over the past five years, KU has actively worked to remove both public and private lead service lines, aiming to have all lines lead-free by the end of 2028. Here’s how the service lines are categorized:

  • Public Service Lines: These are the sections from the water main to the curb stop and are owned and funded by KU.
  • Private Service Lines: These run from the curb stop to the water meter and are the property owner’s responsibility.

Regulatory Compliance and Service Line Inventory

In 2024, new federal and state regulations required all water utilities to identify the materials of service lines for each service address. KU has completed this inventory and submitted it to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. As of now, there are fewer than 360 public lead service lines and fewer than 230 private lead service lines in our system.

How to Access Information and Get Help

We are committed to transparency. Any member of the public can request a copy of our service line inventory. If you need help determining if you have a lead service line, please contact Kaukauna Utilities.

For more information or assistance, reach out to us at 920-766-5721. Your safety and the quality of your drinking water are our top priorities.