Low Rates

Residential electric rates in Kaukauna are lower than those charged by neighboring investor-owned utilities. Because community-owned utilities do not operate to make a profit, you pay only for the cost of service. This allows us to provide highly competitive electric rates.

How are we able to keep our costs low?

Our Hydro facilities deliver value:

Kaukauna Utilities’ local hydro resources deliver highly cost-effective, local power for customers. Our utility owns and operates (7) local hydro plants that house a total of (18) generating units along the Fox River which supply up to 30% of our customers’ electric needs

Helping customers manage their energy costs:

Kaukauna Utilities offers resources to help residential and business customers manage their energy use and utility bill. In 2021, KU helped customers reduce energy waste by almost 6 million kilowatt-hours through energy management programs and incentives.

Local presence means efficient operations:

As your local utility, we maintain our distribution system daily – reducing operational costs through a full-range of programs and services to enhance reliability, improve operations and drive innovation.

Partnership in savings:

We partner with other local not-for-profit utilities (Public Power) to share resources and lower costs through a diverse power supply portfolio and shared services – working to keep energy prices down over the long-term.


Locally owned utilities (Public Power) serve the interest of their customers. Excess revenues stay in the local community and are invested in system improvements, shared with the local government to lower taxes, or returned to the customer in form of lower rates.