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February 16, 2016

Kaukauna Utilities Issues Boil/Bottle Water Advisory

This morning, the City of Kaukauna experienced a loss of system pressure due to a construction related water main break. The City has identified all areas south of the Fox River as being potentially affected. When the water pressure drops below a certain point in the distribution system, the Department of Natural Resources requires a “boil/bottled water” notice to be issued.

What precautions should be taken at this time?

Ice, food, and any beverages prepared with unsafe water must be discarded. You should boil or use commercially bottled water for drinking, food preparation, and making ice. If you boil water, the water should be heated to a rolling boil for at leastĀ ONEĀ minute before use. Ice should be made from boiled or bottled water.

For more information see the PDF here.