Programmable/Smart Thermostat

Unlock cost savings with a smart thermostat—take advantage of a limited-time rebate! There are two purchasing options available for Kaukauna Utilities customers. Purchase your smart thermostat directly from the Focus on Energy marketplace and receive an instant discount (varies) PLUS an additional $25 bill credit from KU. Or purchase your smart thermostat from another retailer and receive a $75 bill credit from KU.


Smart thermostats make it easy to set a schedule that keeps you comfortable when you’re home and saves energy and money when you’re away. They can learn and adjust automatically to your preferences, and you can adjust settings from anywhere with a user-friendly app. Preheat or cool down your home just before you arrive, apply vacation settings, and even receive personalized energy usage feedback.


  • Easy to program
  • Adapts to your preferences
  • Saves energy and money
  • Control from anywhere

Smart thermostats also provide basic demand response capabilities that allow remote connection with utilities for adjusting thermostat settings during peak demand periods.

We encourage the purchase of programmable smart thermostats through Focus on Energy. Their online marketplace offers instant discounts with free shipping on most popular thermostats.


  • Should you purchase a WIFI smart thermostat through Focus on Energy, KU will offer an additional $25 rebate along with the instant discount from Focus is already applied.
  • Should you purchase a WIFI smart thermostat from another source, you may be eligible for up to a $75 rebate from Kaukauna Utilities.
  • WIFI Smart Thermostat Incentive Program is available to residential customers with a valid Kaukauna Utilities electric account.
  • KU rebate is capped at no more than 50% of the actual purchase price of the WIFI smart thermostat.
  • KU incentive payment only applies to the cost of the WIFI smart thermostat and does not apply to the cost of the installation.
  • The thermostat must be installed prior to receiving the rebate, (1) thermostat per household.

How to Apply

  1. To qualify for an incentive, the applicant must meet all of the eligibility conditions and complete the rebate application.
  2. Attach the original sales receipt (or a copy of the receipt).
  3. Mail your completed application to:

Kaukauna Utilities
777 Island St
Kaukauna, WI 54130


Call our Energy Services Manager at 920-462-0251.

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