Central Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Did you know that your central air conditioner may lose up to 5% of its original efficiency every year? That can increase your electric bill, shorten the life of your equipment, and reduce the comfort level in your home.

A simple inspection and tune-up of your central air conditioner can keep it running efficiently and save you money. An incentive is available to customers with central air conditioners no larger than five (5) tons and those who have not received a tune-up within the past three years. To receive the cash incentive, a tune-up of the central air conditioner must be performed by a professional service technician and include a 12-point inspection. The tune-up will not only help the central air conditioner cool more efficiently but will also improve its ability to dehumidify properly.

For a limited time you can receive a utility credit of $25 for having your central air conditioner tuned-up. Call your air conditioning contractor to schedule your tune-up.

Central Air Tune Up Application

Please print application, complete it and mail to:

Kaukauna Utilities
PO Box 1777
Kaukauna, WI 54130

Questions? Need more information? Call us at 462-0251.

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