Power Profiler

Power Profiler can help you manage your business’s energy use to control costs and maximize profits. As our business customer with interval data metering, you may use Power Profiler to produce customized electric load reports that include up to 25 months of electric use history. Click below to get started:

Power Profiler

By analyzing the detailed Power Profiler reports, you can find and eliminate costly demand peaks by fine-tuning equipment operation and altering work schedules; and reduce your electricity costs by lowering your overall energy demand.

Numbers can be more meaningful when they are displayed in a graphic format. Power Profiler can display ten detailed reports as bar graphs, line graphs, or numerical tables for convenient viewing, analysis, and presentation. Report options include:

  • Peak day demand
  • 24-hour profile
  • KVA/Power Factors
  • Daily peaks
  • Detail profile
  • Daily totals graph
  • Peaks report
  • Statistics report
  • Comparison graph
  • Load Duration graph

To view your company’s energy activity and keep your information secure, you’ll need a pre-assigned user name and password. Several people from your company may use the same user name and password to view reports from various office locations – a desirable feature for companies with multiple physical sites.

System Requirements

To use Power Profiler, your company must have interval data metering. A computer with internet access using one of the following internet browsers is also required:

  • Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
  • Netscape Navigator 4.5 or higher

The Java Virtual Machine developed by Sun must also exist on your PC. This will be downloaded automatically upon logging into Power Profiler for the first time and is used to run a Java Applet that is needed for you to access and view the Power Profiler. You may already have both the Java Virtual Machine and Applet installed as there are other programs that use them also. In the event you do not have them, click here for downloading instructions (PDF) .

If you have forgotten your User Name or Password, contact us for assistance at powerprofiler@wppienergy.org.

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