April 27, 2022

Kaukauna Utilities Implements Water Treatment Change – Spring 2022

Attn Water Customers – The Kaukauna Utilities Water Department will implement a new and improved water treatment method by changing the chemical used in the water treatment process from sodium silicate to a polyphosphate ortho blend. The process of this chemical switchover will begin on Monday, May 16th, 2022.

The benefits of this chemical change will positively impact customers and will help improve the overall quality of KU water. Over time, noticeable changes should include:
  • Reduced calcium buildup on plumbing faucets and fixtures
  • Less iron staining
  • Improved disinfection resulting in a reduction of chlorine introduced to the water distribution system
This chemical switchover will happen in conjunction with spring hydrant flushing. Further details available here – www.kaukaunautilities.com/chemicalchange/