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March 16, 2011

Online tool helps customers calculate home energy savings

Understanding how to save energy at home just got easier for customers of Kaukauna Utilities.

For residents who have ever wondered just how much energy could be saved through measures such as adjusting the thermostat or adding storm windows, answers are now just a few mouse clicks away. KU’s online HomeEnergySuite is available on this web site. The online resource provides customers with 24/7 access to the energy answers they seek and provides one-stop-shopping for the residential customer’s energy information needs.

The online HomeEnergySuite is the most recent example of how Kaukauna Utilities is working to help customers manage their home energy costs. We encourage customers to try this online tool next time they are surfing the Internet. It’s easy to use and available to customers anytime, from the comfort of home.

The HomeEnergySuite gives customers the opportunity to conduct a self analysis on their home and review scenarios that will help them save energy and money. The online calculator features a quick, one-screen form that asks users about a dozen questions about their home and provides an estimate of the home’s monthly and annual energy use.

Website visitors can use the calculator to consider making a change, like reducing their home’s water heater temperature, and learn ways to save energy. Other changes include adjusting heating settings down or cooling settings up; reducing air leaks in the home; adding insulation; installing storm windows; or changing out a heating system. Visitors can click “Calculate” after each change to see the difference in their monthly energy bill.

KU’s HomeEnergySuite also provides a big-picture look at overall home energy usage. Clicking the suite’s “Chart” button provides a pie chart with the percentage break-down of total annual energy use by appliance or system type. Other features of this online tool include a library of energy information, energy savings tips, and the option to receive an e-mail report including next steps for taking action to save energy in the home.

Check out the HomeEnergySuite today!