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January 20, 2004

Utility Launches New Web Site

Kaukauna Utilities has launched a new and improved web site at www.kaukaunautilities.com to better serve customers by providing another convenient way to do business. The web site offers the latest information on electric and water rates, incentive programs, community contributions, and environmental and reliability issues.

“We have developed an interactive web site to enhance our customer service to the increased number of customers who are online in the community,” said General Manager Jeff Feldt. “We are excited to offer a new, easy way to help our customers learn about us and answer questions at their own convenience.”

By logging on, customers will be able to request or transfer service, check appliance energy usage, compare rates, contact utility staff and more.

Among the features of the new web site are:

  • Ability to change mailing address – This feature allows customers moving in Kaukauna to change their billing address using a computer.
  • Report a street light outage – Customers who notice a street light out in the evening can immediately alert repair crews to the situation.
  • Start new residential service – Individuals intending to move to a new address may complete the form available at the web site and begin service from their current address.
  • Calculating power usage – By estimating the number of minutes or hours customers use various appliances, they can see how much money the appliances cost to operate each month based on current electric rates.
  • Community benefits – The community section outlines the benefits of living in the Kaukauna area and being served by a locally owned electric utility. In addition to providing electric and water services, the utility supports community programs and is proud to endorse Kaukauna’s growth and progress.
  • Links to ongoing programs – The utility’s Renewable Energy Program, Tree Power and Central Air Conditioning Tune-Up programs are just a few of the programs featured on the web site.
  • Just for kids – Energy-related tips and links provide fun and interest while children learn about safety and energy conservation.
    Customers can also benefit from online service requests, incentive program information, energy- and water-saving tips, and rate comparisons.

Kaukauna Utilities is proud to have the new web site as another way to serve customers. The utility’s goal is to provide low-cost, reliable service with a friendly, personal touch. We are a local, community-owned utility that serves as a valuable asset to citizens and the community.