Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Incentive

The Renewable Rewards program provides business customers with prescriptive and custom financial incentives for PV Solar electric and geothermal heat pump systems. Funding is managed through a reservation application system. The Renewable Energy Competitive Incentive Program (RECIP) provides business customers with financial incentives for cost effective renewable energy projects. Financial incentives are awarded through a competitive proposal process. Eligible technologies include biogas, biomass, geothermal, and PV solar. Click here for more information.

Feasibility study grants are available and designed to encourage renewable energy biogas projects at existing or new anaerobic digesters facilities.

Focus on Energy recommends a certified site assessment done on your home or property. A statewide network of certified site assessors is available to answer questions about the technologies. Assessments will provide an unbiased, site-specific information on the renewable energy potential at your site.

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RFP for Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency program is designed to encourage investment by large commercial and industrial utility customers in energy efficient improvements. Up to $250,000 of incentive funding is available for each bid cycle!

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