Supplemental Incentive Program

Kaukauna Utilities is offering a Supplemental incentive for electric energy efficiency projects completed at GS-1, CP-1, & CP2 customers between January 1, 2019 and December 21, 2019 or until funds are depleted.

We believe a key strategy in controlling long term power costs is to avoid the need for expensive generation facilities. Energy efficiency projects are a means to that end and also provide the business a competitive advantage that will sustain their future, the local economy, and our community. There are current incentives available for electric (and gas) efficiency projects from the state run program entitled Focus on Energy. This Supplemental incentive offering of up to $1,000, is above and beyond the Focus on Energy incentive, hence the incentive is called “supplemental”.

Funding for this offering is limited and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Eligible customers wanting to take advantage of this supplemental incentive must receive approval by Kaukauna Utilities before project installation. (See eligibility information on the flyer link below)

If you are considering an electric efficiency project for your business, contact Steve Engebos, Energy Services Representative at [email protected]  or call 462 0251

Download the Supplemental Incentive Flier (PDF)

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RFP for Energy Efficiency

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