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*Please note – Digital applications for the below positions are available on the City of Kaukauna website. However, all positions are employed by Kaukauna Utilities.

Meter & Controls Technician

Applications due by 3:30pm on Friday, February 5th

Electricity is a fundamental need of society today. Just about every person, family, home and business relies on the comfort of electricity to accomplish everyday tasks. Since the 1800s, power lines have been essential to transport electricity from generation plants through transmission lines on to distribution lines where it is routed to the final user. There have always been skilled workers needed to construct, operate and maintain these lines. These highly trained people have been come to known as “lineworkers.” Want to learn more about a career as an electrical lineworker? Click here!

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There are a number of incentive programs available for homeowners when you upgrade your appliances, faucets, air conditioning, lighting, toilets, and more. Building a new home? There’s a number of incentives for you, too.

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